Dual Occupancy

As there is a demand for new houses and smaller blocks have been very popular, they are much more practical in our busy day to day routines. So there has been a clear shift towards dual occupancy in comparison to other plans. Dual Occupancy by Melvic Home’s team are experts in multi dwelling building process. We have the expert knowledge, proven track-record and experience you need to unlock your property’s investment potential.

Why choose us?

Development Coordinates:

Melvic Homes will provide you with development coordinates who will assist you in dual occupancy, medium density or apartments.


Melvic Homes takes care of the whole process from design to completion. We can work according to your budget and give personalised solutions.

Simple Process:

Our years of experience has given us a thorough insight of what our clients go through and therefore with experience we have learnt how to take confusion and frustration out of your mind and provide you with simple process which is easy to follow.

Peace of Mind:

With Melvic Homes you have peace of mind knowing that we provide you personalised service according to your circumstances and desires.

We are experts in Custom Design of Dual Occupancy and even larger developments if this is what you are looking for.

We can provide a full service from site assessment, concept design right through to approvals, service authority negotiations, demolition and construction delivery.

We apply the same innovative design principles and construction quality to our Dual Occupancy developments as we do with our Custom Homes, ensuring the site is being used to its full density potential, as well as maximising energy efficiency and providing a great finished product.