Custom Designed Homes

Why build someone else’s when you can build your very own dream and design?

Melvic Homes offers custom home design services that allow for superior quality and exceptional value. Our clients have considered custom designs over template homes and we are currently building their dream home and so can you. That is what we do at Melvic Homes – building your dream.

It is very satisfying to live in your dream home. You can be proud of your ideas, design and lifestyle. The fact is that your home is not done on production line and to us it is not just another house – it’s your house! Because you are unique and your place of living can be as unique and profound as you want it to be.

Through creating and delivering high quality projects, we are offering innovative, high quality homes, great value and personalized customer service and experience. At melvic homes you deal directly with the builder who builds your home from start to finish. You can rely on our expertise to achieve what you deserve, because we are committed to you.

Your Own Designhouse plan

At Melvic Homes we really love custom house designs.We take the size of your land and building preferences into account and contemplate your ideas and specific requirements, as well as your choice of style and building materials. We work with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve in your dream home. During this process we work with you on the blueprint of your new home to make sure that it is exactly what you want and that it meets all your requirements. Above all, we understand that this is your home and it needs to be as you wish. We only bring your ideas to life, ideas of creating a home where you love to live in.

We are also flexible enough to make changes during the construction phase, if required, because we are committed to deliver a home you love to live in.

We are Committed to High Quality Designs

We are committed to the quality of our work in every aspect. Your satisfaction is our priority and always has been. Our business mainly runs on referrals and we pride ourselves in the level of quality we provide our customers with. Our work is carried out by teams of experience professional tradesmen who are proud of their work. Our projects are also run by registered builders who know what needs to be done and what to look for to make your project a success. We have extensive quality control measures in place and an independent mandatory inspection will be carried out from foundation to completion to ensure the highest building standards.

CostingSave money

We are able to provide you with an accurate cost indication from the very start, based on what you want. We can also work with a set budget to build your new custom home. We can estimate the cost of your new home once the floor plan layout has been decided on, as well as when the materials have been selected – and we can provide a written quotation and a fixed contract to complete your new home if you have plans and specification ready to go.

Commitment to Melvic Homes

We are committed to you – our valued client, and will do our very best to deliver a high quality product, service and workmanship at all times. Above all, we are committed to creating a home that you will love to live in. We also appreciate your commitment to us to form a team to make things happen.

If we believe we can deliver what you want in every aspect, and you believe that we can deliver your dream home, we can start to design your unique home by implementing your ideas and requirements.

In order to prepare your building documentation we need to enter into a design agreement for a fixed cost; all of the plans and documentation will be your property on completion. This is where we need your commitment to build with Melvic Homes and make your first payment to cover the cost of preparing the plans and other building documentation.

Design and Development

We work with you to complete the design of your dream home. We will discuss the style, material selection and finishes with you and will also prepare specifications and inclusion lists to have a clear understanding of what you will be receiving.

From there, we approach our engineers to finalise structural plans based on soil classifications all other relevant documentation, including energy ratings, property information, water authority and more.

The Contract

Upon completion of the building documentation we estimate the cost of the building project to provide you with a fixed price contract. If, for some reason, you are not able to choose the fittings and fixtures, we are flexible to allow approximate cost of them in prime cost or provisional sum to get things moving.

At Melvic Homes we use a plain English MBAV new home contract where all of the drawings, engineering, soil report, water authority consent, energy rating and specifications become part of the final contract to reflect our commitment to each other.

Building Permits and Construction CommencementBuilding-Permit-and-Zoning-for-Tiny-House

Once the contract is signed we will obtain warranty insurance and other relevant insurances to prepare application for building permit which we will start construction upon building permit arrival.

We work to strict work schedule to complete the stages of work on time and on schedule as per contract.

Completion of Your Melvic Home

Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to build your custom designed home! The wait is over – your dream home is ready to move in! However, our commitment is going to continue for years to come, should the need arise. Most of our business comes from referrals by satisfied customers and we hope you had a pleasant building experience and to recommend us to your family and friends.