Knockdown and Rebuild

Knock down your old existing home and rebuild a custom designed dream home where you love to live.church4jpg-c414d9524c26e050

Melvic Homes also offers our expertise in knock down and rebuild developments. Take an advantage of our custom designed homes and rebuild your old home with your own dream home based on your life style. We can customise your home to suit your current land size.

If you love your home but need to make a few changes and upgrades, you can consider knocking down your existing house and rebuilding it completely. But these renovations can be stressful, not to mention costly, which is why we specialize in high quality designs that will fit your personal style perfectly.

It is very satisfying to live in your dream home. You can be proud of your ideas, design and lifestyle. The fact is that your home is not done on production line and to us it is not just another house – it’s your house! Knockdowns are ideal, because you are unique and your place of living should be as unique and profound as you want it to be.

New homes are better and cheaper to manage than a complete renovation.

It can be quite costly to renovate a home, as it can be unpredictable and less cost effective in the long run. A renovation can often also involve compromises in the design, lifestyle, available budget and energy efficiency.

An addition to an existing structure is expensive and time consuming; you might also have unexpected expenses once you’ve started with the project. For example old plumbing, electrical systems that need to be brought to comply with the current regulations, and more. It is for that reason that builders only enter into cost plus contract, which leaves you exposed to financial risks.

Renovations are mostly underestimated, which leads to budget blow outs and financial distress to complete the project. This is why knockdowns are by far the best option.

Working with Melvic Homeshouse plans image

Through creating and delivering high quality projects, we are offering innovative, high quality homes, great value and personalized customer service and experience. At melvic homes you deal directly with the builder who builds your home from start to completion. You can rely on our expertise to achieve what you deserve, because we are committed to you.

Another benefit of knocking down your existing home is that you don’t have to move away, change your children’s school and leave your family and friends to get a new home and a re-designed environment. Simply rebuild your existing property and work with a reliable custom home builder like Melvic Homes. You do not have to relocate to have your new custom designed dream home.

With knockdowns and rebuilds, you get a new home for less than the cost of renovation without compromising your dream of design and lifestyle. A new home with the latest in design trends, as well as six star energy ratings is the perfect solution for any home owner. We are able to make your dream home become a reality – whether you want an architectural, modern or classic home.